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Sorry but my journal is Friends Only.

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I orignally made this friends only because certain people were reading my journal that I didn't. (Isn't that reason everyone makes their journal friends only?) But that ended up back firing- people still found out what I wrote from others who were on my friendlist. Lots of drama insued, but in the end I just kept my journal friends only. There isn't special about it, so don't expect much.

1. Have something in common with me.

It's not only nice for me, but nice for you. That way I enjoy reading your journals, and you mine. Therefore everyone one wins. :D
2. Show a little interest (aka comment).
I'm not saying comment on every entry, or even once week or even once a month. But comment- every now and then. To show at least you're reading my journal. Now then if I actually know you outside of LJ, usually I know you read it by talking to me. Don't say there is never anything to comment. I like to think there is at least one journal that you could comment on- when I post quizzes, music, ramble about my day- there is something in one of my journals you can comment on. Just don't like comment here, and then that's the first and last comment I ever get from you.
3. Don't ask me to censor my journal.
This only really applies to those I know in real life. But I post stuff in my journal- it's very truthful and it's how I feel. I will not censor my journal for your personal tastes or not to create drama (because we ALL LOVE LJ drama :D ). If you don't like what I write down in here- don't read it. I won't go out of my way just to add friends fliters or any of that nonsense just for you. You'll live.
4. You're tpying literate.
Ok so who d03z|\|'7 7yp3 |1k3 7|-|1z (doesn't type like this) or l1ke dis OMgZ guyz (like this OMG guys) from time to time . . . as a joke. Seriously if you're entires look like that, every time- just no. I'm not going to bother reading it.
5. I update a lot.
I'm a livejournal whore, and I update a hefty amount. At least once a day sometimes more.
6. The most important one- IF YOU WANT ME TO ADD YOU, COMMENT HERE!
:D I find this one is the one broken the most, along with number two. But I'm NOT going to add you til you add me. There isn't any reason for me to say "no i won't add you" unless . . . I've known you prior to you posting in here or I've been warned about you. So just comment, it's painless, easy, and chances are you'll get a reply rather shortly.


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